How to Campaign for Education.

Our online fundraising community connects your friends and family with top of the line fundraising tools, equipment, and dedicated staff to help you fundraise. Using these tools your friends and family can join you in your goal to create education!

Be Creative

Starting your campaign is simple! Donate your birthday, honor a family member, run a marathon, host a dinner, or do something wacky - the sky is your limit.

Create Your Page

Simply start your campaign by selecting your fundraising goal and then share your pledge to let the world know how serious you are about changing people's lives.

Invite & Create Change.

E-mail, call, post on Facebook, send a note in a bottle or use whatever form of communication that works for you to invite those you know to join your movement and create change. 100% of what you make goes directly to our projects!

Do you think you can do the impossible?

If you pledge an event and work towards a goal of $10,000 then we will dedicate a project to you or someone of your choosing. We will send you updates and stories from the field as the project is implemented and we will name you as a Founding Donor.

Campaign Ideas

Donate Your Birthday

About 19 million people celebrate their birthdays each year. You can use your special day to make a special difference in someone else's life.

Honor A Loved One

Is there someone that inspired you? One fabulous way to honor them is to create change and educational opportunities in their name.

Take On A Challenge

Are you sporty? Or a dare-devil? Show off your skill and passion by taking on a tough mudder, rock climbing, running a marathon or any other fun acitivity you love or want to try doing.

Host an Event

Wine enthusiast? Love to cook? Have some friends over for dinner, throw a party, teach them to make sushi, have a movie night - all to help educate children.


Set a goal and create a way to make it happen. Our dedicated staff are around to help you set your goal, invite your friends and family, and help you reach your goal! You can create change.

Join A Campaign

With our awesome online fundraising tool you don't have to create your own fundraiser, you can find people who are already fundraising for Humans for Education and join them.

Party Like It's Your Birthday!

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