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You can make a difference

Be part of a dedicated group of passionate changemakers to help ensure that all children get access to dental care.


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Invest in a world where everyone has access to health care! 

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Together, we can make a difference!


Gabriela Margarita Avalos González

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When your purpose is to give a little of yourself the life will always return you to full hands. This experience wasn’t the exception, it was much more than I expected.

We will never know how necessary our hands are if our eyes can not see beyond ourselves. This was one of the best experiences of my life!

Mostafa Altilibi


What an experience! Setting up a makeshift dental clinic in the middle of the African Savanna,  and seeing the joy and elation in the kid's faces after being treated is one of the most gratifying experiences of my career. Thank you a million times over Daphne and David for making this happen. The intervention exceeded all of our expectations with the ample amount of patients seen, the high caliber services rendered and the selfless team at the clinic. I am proud to have been a part of the many wonderful things you at Humans for Education are providing for these schools.

Heather Natola

Humans for education Heather Natola

This trip was every cliche you hear about service trips: amazing, inspiring, life-affirming, and incredible. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Humans for Education, all the teachers at Destiny Shaper and Glory, the kids at both schools, and of course Daphne and David. Thank you for the best two weeks ever!