Meet the Team


Daphne Pariser

President and Founder

As an 10-year-old I had the opportunity to visit Kenya on safari, but when I arrived I was shocked by the lack of available medical care and the normalcy of poverty that was all too familiar for these people. Privately, our tour guide would explain the shortfalls of the Kenyan government and expressed the importance of a good education. He showed me that my citizenship gives me a unique opportunity to have an effect on my own government and positively affect those outside of our borders. I believe that this influence and power to effect change lies within us and we have the freedom and ability to decide how we will use it.

Qiyuan Keon Zhou

Qiyuan (Keon) Zhou

Chief Operating Officer

Is education a universal human right? The answer becomes obvious when you flip the question and ask, "Should only a select few have access to education?" The ability for education to empower is something which many of my family members have experienced firsthand growing up on farms in rural China. As a mechanical engineering major, I hope to give back by equipping children across the world with the tools they need with which to build their futures with.

Jingyi Qi

Jingyi qi

Communications and Social Media

I was truly impressed by the strategy of connecting education to economy, health, and self-sustainability at Human for Education. During my previous volunteer teaching experiences in rural areas, I observed how poverty hampers progress in education, as schools cannot invest in education infrastructure and human capital due to limited funding. Hence, one must-to-do with young children in poor areas is to empower the schools, communities, and people to create a sustainable environment and sufficient, stable resources for education on a long term. As a human health major college student, I am honored and excited to join the team and to improve the overall wellness for children in need. I would love to spread the message and get more people realize that education and economic growth as well as community health go hand in hand. With a little work, together, we can make a big difference.

Casey Adrian

Grant Writer

In my eyes, education is the cornerstone of all progression.  There is no way to succeed or function as a society without, first, educating the young minds of a generation.  And, being Student Body President of my high school, I certainly know how important this concept is.  Being in touch with my peers, and through my work with a UN-affiliated organization, I understand the crucial nature of a quality education, knowledge of ones body and health, and a safe space for all - seeing these things as, first and foremost, basic human rights.  This is why I am humbled to be a part of the Humans for Education family.

Kyla Jarrar

Kyla Jarrar

Communications and Social Media

Creativity stems from a love of people, place & desire to communicate. Working for Humans for Education is a unique experience that I am humbled to be a part of. Not only is this organization addressing immediate issues in African schools, they are laying down the foundation for these schools to thrive for years to come. Children deserve the right to know and understand the world around them and deserve an equal opportunity at life just like everyone else. Organizations like Humans for Education who take the time to research, develop, and execute a plan to keep these schools profitable, safe, and healthy are vital if we are ever going to make a difference in underdeveloped countries. As a Communication major, I am passionate about marketing and advertising and what drew me to this opportunity was the fact that I get to utilize those skills while helping spread awareness about this amazing cause.

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Kelly Marx

Fundraising Coordinator

When I returned from my trip to Africa, I wanted to find a way to continue to help individuals in need. Humans for Education was the organization I choose to work with because not only does it provide resources, but it creates sustainability for students and their schools. I believe that all students should receive a well-rounded education because it is the foundation for success and happiness in life. I am so excited to join the team, and contribute to making the world a better place for children!

David Kasura

Country Manager, Kenya

David has worked as a safari guide for over twenty years and has deep connections with many tribes across the Kenyan country. David has been working as a volunteer and as a concerned father with Mpopong Primary School for more than seven years. He understands the needs of the school, the students, and the staff. His close relationship with the village people and the staff at school provides an essential bridge to communication with the community.

H4E Ngwesse Collins


Country Manager, Cameroon

I am a dynamic young man who likes farming, writing (has published two books), reading, kitchen science, walking and jogging, service in problem and troubled areas of my society, serving or working with underprivileged peoples and communities. I love justice, fair-play, simplicity, being an excellent and productive team player, hard work. I studied at Government Teacher Training College (G.T.T.C) Bangem where I obtained the Teacher’s Grade One Certificate. After teaching in a number of private primary schools in Douala, littoral Region of Cameroon for over six years and Children’s Reading Corner (C.R.C) Remedial Nursery and Primary School, Buea for 5 years, I continued studies in Educational Psychology from the University of Buea where I obtained the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees with honors. I love to work with Humans for Education because, I like to serve underprivileged peoples and communities. I am interested in causes of school dropout and measures in making students stay in school. I see Humans for Education as a catalyst in realizing my aspirations in helping slow and special need learners in the society. 


Our Partners Who Have Helped Make Children Realize Their Dreams

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The Board


Founder and CEO of One Bead

I joined the advisory board with the hope that I could offer guidance and support based on my own nonprofit leadership experience. In all honestly though, the role has been mutually beneficial. Daphne and the entire Humans for Education team inspire my own growth as a young entrepreneur in many ways. Their work ethic and determination to make a difference is unparalleled. I am extremely excited to watch this organization grow and evolve over time!


President and CEO of Rehema Home

Education is the most important gift we can give the orphaned children under our care. Education is a powerful tool, one child at a time you can change the destiny of a family, village, and country. I am impressed with the work and mission of Humans For Education. Their self-sustainable model will empower many children for generations to come.

David Dressler

Co-Founder and President of Tender Greens

I'm so happy to serve on the Advisory Board of Humans for Education. It's a privilege to help young entrepreneurs succeed but it's particularly gratifying when they are building organizations of value for the greater good.

Max Friedman

Co-Founder and CEO, Givebutter

My whole life I have taken education for granted. Daphne has really opened my eyes to the fact that in many parts of the world a quality education is hard if not impossible to come by. Education gives people opportunities they would never have otherwise, and is critical for communities to grow and develop. That is why I’m so grateful be a part of Humans for Education, and help every person receive the quality education they deserve.

Roy Kanaan

Wealth management expert

As someone who has spent a large amount of time on his own education, I can personally attest to the long lasting rewards and freedom it can provide.  A good education not only helps us all become self-sufficient, but also provides a strong value system that lasts a lifetime, contributing to more productive societies with less poverty throughout the world.  After learning about the mission of Humans for Education and the team in place, it is my absolute pleasure to join as a Board Member to help translate the stated objectives into reality, one child at a time.

Leila de Bruyne

Founder and Executive Director, Flying Kites

In 2004, like any good liberal arts student, Leila traveled to Kenya to volunteer her time to teach orphans in the slums of Nairobi.   She never found her orphans.  In their place were children - bright, eager students who so badly wanted a chance to fight their own way out of poverty. It didn't take long for her to realize that children who sleep on the street and rely on volunteer-teachers often become teenagers who aren't able to carve out positive lives and build productive communities. The Flying Kites team set out to buy farmland in Kenya's Aberdares Mountains and build a preparatory school that could provide an exemplary education to some of the world's poorest children. 


NFP Team Director and Accountant, RDHB

I believe non-profits are a vital part of our community and world. I aim to help non-profits use their financial information to more effectively run their operations and to better achieve their visions. I am excited to be a part of Humans for Education’s Advisory Board and to do what little I can to help them in their pursuit of a very worthy cause.

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