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Humans for Education

Humans for Education was founded by Daphne Pariser after a trip to Kenya when she was ten years old. The shock of seeing poverty firsthand was the catalyst for her to start this organization.

Daphne wanted to ensure that the nonprofit was creating solutions alongside the community and that the solutions were sustainable longterm.

She went back to Kenya at 21 and discussed with the locals how they would solve poverty, their idea was to build small businesses for schools and clinics so that they could operate without donations and help from the government. And that is exactly what we do.

You can learn more about us by watching her TED Talk.

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Evidence & Transparency

Our work isn’t possible without the extreme generosity of our donors and sponsors, so we work to ensure that all of our data is collected and analyzed properly and that the public has access to it. All our financials and school data can be found below.

Read the Blog

Hear from the volunteers and employee who work in the field to provide assistants to our teachers and clinics.  

Meet the Team

Learn more about the amazing people who make the work we do possible. Here you can read about our founder, board, volunteers, and employees

Purchase with Purpose

Humans for Education has our own store, of which 100% of the profits go directly to supporting our programs to help schools and clinics in developing countries


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Make a difference doing something you are passionate about. We are always looking for talented, bright people to help us further our mission.


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