Sponsor a Campaign

At Humans for Education we want you to really see the impact that you are having on our children and our schools. By sponsoring a campaign we will send you specific informaition about the campaign that you sponsor and send you updates a few times a year as to the progress of our campaign.


Interested in becoming a Founding Member?

Be a Monthly Hero

To help schools build small businesses so that they can become financially independent we look to a group of committed donors. Join the team of donors who believe they can change the world! With monthly donations we can ensure our programs run smoothly. We can create real, lasting change together!

Sponsor a Child

Even though our schools are able to make their own income there are still parents in the community that are not able to afford schooling for their children. To ensure all children have access to education we have a scholarships to sponsor the most needy children. $230/year covers tuition, meals, shoes, socks, uniforms, textbooks, and school supplies for one child.


WASH Program

We have researched ways to ensure the safety and health of our students. According to a 2010 study, by implementing handwashing stations and clean water we can reduce the rate of death by 53%! In addition, we ensure our female students have access menstrual pads that last them for three years.

Sponsor a Cow

Humans for Education helps schools build small businesses to help them become financially independent. Most of the schools in our area have cow programs and purchase cows 1-2 times per year. To help our schools with the purchasing of these cows you can sponsor one. You are welcome to name the cow and we will send photos and a description of your cow when purchased.