Five Reasons to Give

A whopping 883 million people cannot read this simple sentence.

This means 1 in 10 children in the entire world is illiterate. This is TRIPLE the population of the United States. Illiteracy is a huge problem. Education is powerful in that is can facilitate students to rise out of poverty so they can live a healthier more knowledgeable life.

This is what drives the mission of Humans for Education! To do this we are dedicated:

  • To our students by giving 100% of our donations to educating then AS WELL AS creating a hygienic environment for them to live in.  We are incredibly passionate about our project. Only $25 will give a student a full year of school supplies. $50 provides two children with shoes for 5 years. $300 provides clean water for one school for 20 years.


  • To create, support, provide, and improve – Our mission is to create innovative solutions to school self-sustainability, such as our revenue generating programs; support and develop a school curriculum; provide health and sanitation educations, and to improve school infrastructure.


  • To have our projects led by locals - We want the staff at the schools to be native to the region so they have contacts within the communities. This assists the school in becoming self-sustainable and successful in the long run.


  • To assist in preventing disease- Many kids in underprivileged countries don’t have access to clean water and basic hygiene accessories/education needed to live well. We are looking to transform these student’s lives mentally as well as physically.


  • To help the schools become independent - our goal is to help build programs that will raise enough income to cover school expenses and last the lifetime of the school. We want these areas to thrive but they need OUR HELP to do so.

No matter how much you can donate, $5, $25, $100, $300 or even higher it matters and will help with the education crisis a HUGE chunk of the world is currently facing.


Daphne Pariser