Because of you we now have cows

Over the past one year, Humans for Education has been fundraising for our Revenue Generating Program (RGP). This program was successfully installed last week at Mpopongi Primary School in Narok, Kenya. 

Our unique Revenue Generating Program funds a herd of cattle to be placed at the primary school. After six months the herd will be sold for twice what it was bought for, a new herd will be bought, and the remaining money will be income for the school. 


This program is expected to generate a net profit of $14,000/year for Mpopongi Primary School. 


Cattle Migration

To get the cattle from the market in Longorian, Kenya three Masai Men from our village offered to "drive" our cattle back to the school. 
The distance from Longorian to Narok is 200 km, which is 124 miles. These three men had to travel through the safari with the cattle to get them to school, which means they could encounter lions, buffalo, and elephants on the way. They walked the cattle the entire way and they were able to arrive in 3 and 1/2 days! The age of the men ranged from 29 to 87 years old!

After the intense 3 and 1/2 day walk, the cows and the Masai Men all made it to Mpopongi Primary School. Although, one of the cows decided it no longer wanted to walk on the last day. Thus, David (our Kenyan Country Manager) and I had to go pick up the cow with our car and transport him back to school. 


As the team got closer to school they found that they had gathered a following. Parents from all around the village had gathered to see the cattle. Overwhelmed with joy and excitement the parents joined as an entourage and followed the cattle back to school. When the cattle finally reached the school the parents stayed for almost an hour just to admire the cattle and extend many thanks to the Humans for Education team. 

The cattle arrived to Mpopongi Primary School on Friday March 3rd 2017, luckily just before a large rain storm hit. The cattle grazed in our paddocked area for the rest of the day. With ample water and food, the cows were "happy to be home." The school night security guard was so excited about the cows that instead of sleeping he stayed up all night to watch the cows graze. 

The next day two veterinarians drove two hours through the rain to give the cows ID tags, vaccines, and deworm them. Because they were so excited about our project they decided to give us a discount and free seeds for grass on out land. It ended up costing us only $8/cow for everything.  

Kevin and Peter are the veterinarians on the left. 

Below, we had some very enthusiastic students who decided to help out. 

Now that the cows are happy and healthy they will remain at the school for the next six months and the money generated by selling them will help these children get a quality education. 


Ever wanted your own cow? Support 11 children per year for the price of 1 cow!

Daphne Pariser