Clean Water: It's all Because of You!

In the fall of 2015 a group of people brought together by Angela Austin, helped to raise money to buy a water filter for the Mpopongi Primary School. This water filter cost the team only $260 and will last for 20 years!

The water filter worked incredibly well, until a severe drought hit Kenya in 2017. By this time another team led by Mery Donald had installed pipes to bring water from a nearby well to the school. Unfortunately, there were still many days that these children had to go without water because the pipes and nearby creek had run dry. 

With a whole herd of cattle and the rainy season on the way the Humans for Education team decided to spring into action. 

Fix the gutters, give the school 16,000 liters of stored water...

Years previous to Angela Austin or Daphne Pariser's visit to Kenya another donor donated four large water tanks to the school. All together these tanks could hold 16,000 liters or 4,226 gallons of water.

The issue was that the school could not afford the installation of gutters and removal of broken piping on some of the tanks, which rendered the tanks inoperable. 

Thanks to the overwhelming success of our Giving Tuesday (Moo 4 Moola) fundraising campaign this past November, we decided to make all of the repairs. 

Even though 16,000 liters seems like a lot, one night of rain could completely fill these tanks if the gutters were installed. So that's what we set out to do.

Before Daphne had gone to Kenya, David (Kenyan Country Manager) had bought and put in gutters in four areas so that we could have water flowing to the tanks. All we needed was connector gutters to get the water from the gutter to the tanks. 

Luckily the government had just come by to build an extra classroom at the school (very exciting!) and they had left behind some supplies. Many of the pink gutters, they left behind as unnecessary materials and they worked perfectly as connectors to our water tanks... even if we had to make a few holes to get them to fit. 

Lastly, all we needed to make them functional was water taps so the children could get the water easily and then take it to the water filter. 

Luckily our old friend Rono helped us out. Rono had previously worked with us to build our solar powered electric fence. 

He set us up with the proper taps and gave us a discount because of our work in the community. Although he doesn't have children at our school, he has many friends and family who do. 

The Water Team


To ensure that the students and even the cattle always had water we gathered a team of 2 boys and 2 girls to help us out. The security guard and teachers take care of the cows and the water team takes care of the students. 

Each day these four students fill the water filter until it is full and keep track of how many students use the water filter throughout the day.

Each week they fill out a Google Form to let us know how many times they filled the water filter and how many students used the filter. 

These are the dedicated students who want to ensure the school has clean water:

The ambassadors will retrieve water each day and ensure that the water filter is full so other students can drink from it. They will also collect data about the usage of the water filter. 

As a token of our appreciation, each ambassador student will receive one semester's worth of supplies:

The supplies include:

  • 1 bottle of Colgate
  • 200mL of Body Lotion
  • 40mL of Shoe Polish and Brush
  • Toilet Paper
  • Pens
  • Personal Bar Soap
  • Plastic Container for Food
  • Laundry Soap
  • Notebook

Even though the Humans for Education team left on March 7th, the students at Mpopongi Primary School continue to fill out Google Forms each Sunday to let the team know when they need more soap and how many students are using each station. 

Up Next: School Supplies and Donated Gifts!

We have a few people last year decide to donate physical things, so next week we will share with you the responses from the school! 

Future Newsletters:

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Stay Tuned!!

Daphne Pariser