New Kitchens!

Humans for Education is continuously searching for ways to improve and offer the most to the children of Kenya. We are proud to say we’re putting in new kitchens and childproof stoves in each Humans for Education school.

The Need For Kitchens

We have a desire for every student who enters the doorways of a Humans for Education school to be as successful as they possibly can. We view those schools as the journey to their dreams. We want to give students a complete education that is worthy of making them the best possible version of themselves. It has come to our attention that it is necessary for students to have access to kitchens to make that completely possible. So we made that investment, because the safety of these students is a vital component to their success, and their success means everything.


The Stoves

The stoves are childproof, ensuring that no students can tip stoves over or burn their hands on the stoves. Many students’ families must cook on the floor when they’re at home, exposing them to multiple safety threats. We would like to ensure that each student is protected from experiencing these possible threats since the safety of our students is an essential concern of ours.


Custom made, the stoves will never get hot enough to burn children, and will ventilate the smoke out of the kitchen. They are also elevated, have lids, and cannot tip over. These qualities eliminate many of the dangers children are vulnerable to while cooking at home. Additionally, the stoves cost only $700, and save 70% of the money from firewood.

The Kitchens

Along with the wonderful upgrade of safe stoves, the kitchens that are built have been designed with an element of brilliance in their blueprints. These kitchens have been built on a slant, for the purpose of preventing the accumulation of rainwater in the kitchen. This helps make conditions as sanitary as possible.


Humans for Education takes care of students. Not only do we prioritize their education, but we put an important value in their safety as well. Healthy children mean students can attend school and create a better life for themselves.

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