Success of 2018!

We are incredibly proud of all that we accomplished in 2018, as it has been another wonderful year. This nonprofit is continuing to progress and challenge poverty, which is demonstrated by what we’ve accomplished in 2018!


A Foundation of Good Beliefs

This organization was constructed with numerous values in mind, one of them being the power of listening. When Humans for Education was founded, Daphne Pariser believed that a sustainable solution of escaping poverty lied in the hands of those who were facing the problem for decades. She recognized that all the people of the community lacked were resources and funding to put that solution in place. By listening to their idea of creating small businesses, she was able to make this possible. Listening unlocked the gate the separated ideas from actions and allowed the community to enter into a world which was previously just a dream.

Because Daphne listened to the community’s idea, Humans for Education has achieved enormous success which never would have been possible if the voices of the community were ignored. This year, for the first time ever, we have made a school financially independent, and we owe it to the power of listening to a community who knew their problem best when this organization first began.


Sustainable Success

In 2016, when Humans for Education started, we have helped three schools set up small businesses to help schools become financially independent and maintain their operating budgets to help children receive a quality education. Since 2017, we have purchased and sold over 470 animals, which has helped create a total profit of $33,610 for our schools. In 2018, our small businesses generated 48% more money than in 2017. In 2017, Destiny Shaper had a financial deficit of $3,597.00, but now they have absolutely no deficit and can save 10% of their earnings. This is wonderful news, as they are now financially free, and even capable of saving money for larger programs or unforeseen events.

Each year a child is in school, their potential income increases by 8%. Since 2017, Humans for Education has seen 11% enrollment at our schools, and many parents have said this is due to their attraction to our programs.


Clean Water and Handwashing

Humans for Education students also have access to clean water and handwashing in 2018, which they make use of 91.5% on average. This is also fantastic news, as it has resulted in a decrease in very serious causes of child death including malaria, typhoid, and dysentery.

Other Achievements

This year had many wonderful updates! Our Humans for Education team won first place in the New York Business Competition, winning $10,000 which helped us take Glory Primary School on their road to financial freedom and improve their school in terms of sanitation and adding a new feeding program. Additionally, we installed new kitchens with child safe stoves each Humans for Education school to prevent possible accidents. This year, we also opened our first dental clinic and gave children dental care for the first time in their lives! It has been a great year, and we were wonderfully pleased to inform you of what we have done.


Your Help

We owe a tremendous amount of our success thanks to our donors and our volunteers. We could not have made this year so amazing without all of your help and support. We are a team, and Humans for Education has immense gratitude for all the contributions you make, and that you are part of this cause. This year, we have had 21 volunteers donate 6,900 hours. We hope you fully understand how much you mean to Humans for Education, and that we never could have accomplished what we did this year without you.

Success for Our Next Schools

Many Rotarians and Rotary clubs have come together make Humans for Education so successful. Pittsford Rotary is putting an $8,000 match to help our next school be just as successful. Brighton and Palmyra-Macedon have both supported this match. So far, we have raised $6,042 for this match.

Humans for Education has accomplished a lot this year, and we are hoping to see an even more successful 2019. Each year we try to build upon our success, and achieve more milestones to add in the history of this nonprofit. With pride in our success, we are always motivated to do more. Thank you for helping us reach the success we have, and we are incredibly excited to continue to make the world a better place with you in 2019.

Roxy Dias