Contributions Really Do Make A Difference


Humans for Education is an organization here to present children with the opportunities they are entitled to as a person. We are here to improve humanity, and change the world. Every child needs an education and proper medical care to access to the goodness life has to offer. So we are asking you to help us in this endeavor to save the lives of desperate kids.


Our Success

In our effort to successfully offer students necessary education, we create small businesses for our schools so they can develop their income as well as cater to the needs of their students. We do more than simply funding schools, but create ways to make them financially independent. Our programs are painted with success.

With the use of our small businesses, we managed to decrease the financial deficit by almost 78 percent! This marvelous reduction was made possible by selling cattle and sheep, with half of the money going towards purchasing more animals and the other half towards funding the school. Our innovative solutions are proving to be extremely successful.



Our WASH program eliminates the easily preventable deaths of children caused by the lack of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Due to the WASH program, 98% of our students attend school, which is a significant and impressive increase from previous years. Our WASH program is enveloped with prosperity. The semesters alone are demonstrating the achievements of the program. Thanks to the handwashing and clean water classes, the usage of the handwashing stations and water filter boomed from 30 percent to almost 90 percent! The WASH program has outstanding results as it caused serious illnesses to decrease after the establishment of the program. There are less cases of Typhoid, Malaria, and cholera, and no incidents of dysentery. Not only is the WASH program saving children from life threatening diseases, it is also saving money from less hospitalizations. The WASH program proves to be extremely productive and has a very positive impact on the students.

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Your Contribution

Our programs are saving lives very efficiently, but we need your help. Without spending ages of your life in school with difficult studying to become a doctor, you could easily save the lives of multiple incredibly desperate children from diseases in a matter of seconds… all you have to do is donate to the WASH program. To help schools supply children with the education they deserve by making them independent, you should donate to our Revenue Generating Program. After all, for us to be successful we rely on your generosity. We need you. The kids need you. You don’t need to be a billionaire to donate and save lives, you just need to be human. It doesn't take much, even $50 makes a powerful contribution.

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To recognize that innocent children are begging for your help, as it is essential to their survival, and to offer that little gesture of kindness, will save not only them, but you as well. It measures the strength of love and compassion you carry within you. You have the resources, as the programs Humans for Education has established are very productive and a great opportunity for you to make the world a better place… now it's all about how you use this opportunity.

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