We Transformed an Opportunity into a Platform for Change

Opportunities live in disguise, and life is continually granting you with masked opportunities to change the world. It’s what you make of these opportunities that counts. Life gave us a business competition, which we changed into a platform to provide more children with the life they deserve. On April 27th, 2018 we won the first place prize of $10,000 for our organization in the 2018 New York State Business Competition.


The Competition

On Friday, April 27, our Humans for Education team won first place in the 2018 New York State Business Competition for their track, with over a hundred teams participating in this competition. The business competition featured several categories, we illustrated success in the Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Category.

Daphne Parisar, the Founder and President of Humans for Education, gave the presentation in the finals. Ninoshka Fernandes and Chadia Bedetse, two of our Fundraising Coordinators, aided the team towards our victory by helping with preparation during the semi-finals and finals.

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The Power of the Team

      This organization was built upon hard work and dedication, and continues to strive that way. It prospered during the competition in the form of first place and a 10,000 check for our students. That money has the strength to lift up the lives of many innocent children by providing them with the life entitled to them. It’s hard to carry something alone, but we did it through teamwork. Together, we carried children to the destination of a better world. Thanks to our team, and their devotion to making the world a more beautiful place, we made all this possible. Together we did this, our strength was put together for a powerful difference.


Our team is working, and continually displaying success in our endeavors. The teamwork and passion of our individuals secured our triumph at the competition. Humans for Education has developed a team of compassionate people looking to change the world.
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Using Every Opportunity


    We are grasping the chances life offers us to make the world a better place. Someone might look at a business competition and unravel the idea to be something requiring a great deal work that is unworthy of the possibility of earning the prize.  Where there is a will, there's a way… and we are hunting ways to improve humanity fueled by our everlasting will to serve. The smallest efforts and contributions make huge differences.

Our team, on the other hand, viewed this competition as a pathway, knowing that we must put in every effort to work as efficiently as possible to this cause, and this prize money is sacred to children’s lives.

This prize money will help ensure that we can open a brand new school in Narok, Kenya. This will help us purchase cows for Glory Primary School so that they can build their own sustainable business and be on their way to financial freedom. Additionally, we will be putting in clean water, handwashing, and latrines with this money. And lastly, this will help us conduct research and start a feeding program so that our children are fed during the day. All for $10,000.

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Use the passion of our team to inspire you, and to use the opportunities life presents you with to make the world into a better place. Daphne Parisar gave a killer presentation that Friday… even if you did as much as spread the word, you’d make a difference. We, as individuals, are strong, but as a team we are invincible. There has always been strength in numbers, and it’s always been a group of individuals who managed to change the world.. The team earned money that will save lives. We manage to make the most out of every single penny. We ensure brightness ahead for students, the school, and the future of Kenya… and you can help in this long term fight for education by sharing the presentation.


Roxy Dias