Small Businesses = Success

Destiny Shaper Primary school is experiencing the wonderful effects of small businesses, as they have become a financially independent school, and can now save money for other purposes to serve the school. This is wonderful, as Destiny Primary School is already seeing positive results within a short period of time that the small business has been implemented in this school. As the school made a net income of $3,000, Destiny Shaper has responsible plans to enhance student’s education and learning experience.

Savings Account

For the first time ever, Destiny Shaper has opened a savings account! The school put 10% of what they earned into their savings account, which will earn 5% interest. This gives Destiny Shaper the ability to prepare and handle any emergencies or unexpected difficulties that may arise.

Teacher Training and Salaries

All teachers of Destiny Shaper Primary School were sent to receive training from a national program called Tusome. This enables teachers to give satisfactory lessons, as they receive knowledge and skill training on how to properly assess individual academic differences. Teachers will be in line with dynamic changes in curriculum and technology. With this training, teachers will become more competent, and provide a more advanced learning experience for students, and help them get more out of their time at school. The school also wants to give teachers and workers better salaries so they have stronger motivation to give students an adequate education.


Health Improvements

To add to numerous other beneficial investments, Destiny Shaper has prioritized the health of students. There will now be cook training, so their cook is trained on healthy habits and knows the proper methods of handling food. Their cook is a local mother in the town, who didn’t have culinary training, but now she will be more qualified and capable of giving students a healthier diet. Also, spinach and kale will be added to the diets of students. These two vegetables will play an imperative role in fighting malnutrition. Additionally, there will be soap uniquely used after going to the latrines, and before eating a meal to reduce the chance of germs.



With only $100, Destiny Shaper Primary School managed to meet their maintenance needs. They renovated three pre-primary classrooms to make the learning environment is free of the cold, dust and dirt. They also put in 22 desks and four new tables and repaired five tables and five benches. As you can see, the $100 was very well spent.



The school is also adding in a playground. This allows students to play, and have a lighthearted childhood they deserve. It also helps them engage in physical activity and discover their other talents.


The small businesses of buying and selling cows have come a long way for Destiny Shaper Primary School, and has climbed mountains of advancements to the school, and will continue to generate profit. Not only are they financially independent and prepared to address any difficulties, but they can also upgrade the quality of education, the health of students, and maintenance of the school. Thanks to their small business, Destiny Shaper is certainly more equipped to provide students with better education, and we hope to continue to watch them prosper. With this $3,000 Destiny Shaper has seen miles of progress, and we would like to see the tremendous success of small businesses reflect in other schools as well.

Roxy Dias