Children Should Be Whomever They Want To Be

Our donors carry Humans for Education to our goals by helping give us the tools to make our vision a reality. Iantha Sidell is one of these people who makes this journey possible. To Humans for Education, Iantha Sidell is a hero, as she donates every single month. Support from people like Iantha enables us to continue to give education and health to thousands of people. However, charity is not something that is new to her, as she believes it is her responsibility to leave the world a better place than the world she was born into. There is meaning and motivation behind her routine of donating, as Iantha understands what children mean to our world.

Helping in Any Way Possible

Iantha has witnessed poverty first hand when she traveled to South Africa. While in South Africa, she had the opportunity to experience the local community by visiting a preschool, in which many of the children were no older than three years of age. Spending time with these children fed Iantha’s desire to be their reason to smile. She wanted to give them stickers to complement their beautiful faces with smiles. That’s when she adapted to the situation by taking out a stick of lipstick and giving each child a dot on their hands. The children were enthralled by this, which made her very happy.  

One girl at the preschool caught Iantha’s attention. This girl was 11 years old, she was probably just waiting there with her siblings. Iantha’s compassion took over her, and she approached the older girl. She pulled out some money, an elephant bracelet that she had bought, and a stick of lipstick to give to her. “You’re the future of this country. You could be anything you want to be.” These words came pouring out of her heart, as she recognized that this girl may not understand that her future should be in her hands. This girl needed to know that she had the ability to be whomever she chose to. It was important for Iantha to voice that to her.

“You’re the future of this country. You could be anything you want to be.”

The Spirit of A Donor

Right away, this woman was willing to empty her pockets to offer this young girl with whatever she could. She had the urge to inform her of all her potential. She wanted to change this child’s life in any way that she could. Even though her stay in South Africa was temporary, the effect she had may last a lifetime.  

Iantha’s selflessness continues to shine within her no matter where she is, as she donates to Humans for Education each month. This is also seen in the many donors of Humans for Education. It takes a strong character to understand the need of the many less fortunate others around the world. This is evident in Iantha’s character, and we are in great joy to know she’s a part of our team.

Changing a Nation

Iantha believes that Humans for Education is a worthwhile charity to donate to, due to the sustainability that is built into all our programs. When she donates, her soul tells her that she is doing the right thing. Seeing pictures and updates of the children she helps brings her immense joy. Iantha recognizes that she was privileged to be born into a country which she did not need to struggle to be educated. It’s one of the many reasons that she is “proud to be a donor.” She believes that giving children a sustainable tool that will help them provide for themselves in the future is a wonderful thing we are capable of doing.

It is extremely important to give children the tools and knowledge to let them choose the outcome of their lives, rather than them just being forced to settle for their future. The burden of lacking opportunities and options are forcing children to grow up in a life of poverty, without being able to change it. However, when children are offered education and the necessary health facilities to survive, they are given independence and are in control of their lives. They can dream as big as their heart's desire, as they no longer need to spend a decent portion of their life focusing on survival. Children deserve a life in which they can be the people they would like to be. When they have this ability, everything changes, because, as Iantha said, children are the future of their nations, and they should be able to become whomever they want to be.

That is how you help change a nation: invest in the future of its children. This belief is common among many of the volunteers and donors at Humans for Education, as it is a vital component to this organization. Iantha Sidell thinks that Humans for Education has a wonderful vision, and it is something worth supporting.

To change a nation, you invest in the future of its children.

Iantha Sidell helps our mission touch the lives of Kenyan children, just as she did to the eleven-year-old girl from South Africa. She demonstrates the ability to see beyond the days of her life, and to invest her time and energy into a better future for the rest of the world. This is a common trait among many donors and volunteers. Thank you to the many donors and volunteers who invest in a better future, and contribute to something far bigger than yourself.

Children are vital to the future of humanity. People should not have to continue to live a life of poverty because there is no other option for them. Granting children education and health breaks down that barrier. By giving children the sustainable tool of education, you are giving a child a choice, and opening them to a world of possibilities. That is what we need to do to change the world: open that door for children.

Roxy Dias