The World is Ready for Change

Sometimes changing the world starts from taking opportunities. Sometimes changing the world may seem like an extremely complicated task, but comes down to a few simple things. Sometimes all you have to do is allow your passion to guide you to taking new chances and opportunities that you haven’t before. After all, if you’re willing to go a long distance to make the world a better place, opportunities will come.

Of course, changing the world isn’t easy, but it’s all about what you’re willing to do for it. Sometimes it is as simple as opening yourself up to new opportunities. Angela Austen can tell you about that. Angela never would have thought that two, completely unrelated trips would aid her in changing the world.

A Life Changing Trip

In July 2013, Angela Austin went with her best friend to Kenya. In addition to seeing the incredible wildlife, her tour guide, David Kasura, had some other plans in store. He decided to take Angela and her friend to a local school on the way back from the safari one day. This experience would remain with her for quite some time.

The school they visited was eye opening to life in Kenya. There were children learning on the floor, bathrooms that had been out of commission for years, and students without books. To add to that, the kitchen staff was never professionally trained. Witnessing this had “brought her to tears.” Little did she know then that, because of this trip, one day her tour guide, David Kasura, would become the Country Manager of Humans for Education and help change the lives of hundreds of children.


The Plane Ride that Went the Distance

Everyone feels differently about plane rides. This was a plane ride that Humans for Education owes a mountain of gratitude to.

As we can understand how annoying it can be to be wait listed on a plane, it may come as a shock that Angela Austen reminisces over missing her plane in September of 2013.

Angela would annually visit a friend in New York. But this time, on her way back to Jacksonville, she was wait listed on a plane, and missed the standby. At the time, her reaction was no different than anyone else who had just missed a plane. Frustrated and disappointed, she had no other choice but to wait four hours in John F. Kennedy Airport to finally fly back to Jacksonville, FL.

It was as though bad luck delivered her a reminder that life isn’t perfect. Now, however, Angela discerns it as fate stepping into her life, in order to transform her information into a podium for sustainable change.

On the plane, she sat next to a stranger who had more in common with her than she would’ve assumed. Normally, Angela is not the person to make conversation with strangers in an airport, but this time was different. That woman was Daphne Pariser, and the two of them became engrossed in a conversation about Kenya, as they had both traveled there before. As they spoke, Angela began to adore Daphne. These two strangers on a plane, who were both normally uncomfortable talking to new people, made a connection. They shared their compassion for the developing world, and both hungered for change.

Angela informed Daphne of the inadequate situation that she had experienced in Kenya. At first, Daphne and Angela decided to take action when they raised $700 to bring clean water to the school. Due to this project they took on, Daphne noticed that there were far larger needs to tend to, and worked with Angela’s tour guide, David, to address those issues.

The plane ride started out as a misfortune but became an act of fate that built Humans for Education. Angela provided Daphne with the fundamental information needed for her to start this organization. This happened because Angela voiced her feelings and opened up to a stranger. She did something she usually doesn’t to change the world. She contributed through her passion for change and knowledge about David.  

Daphne took the wonderful steps to make this dream of hers into a reality, and transformed a simple conversation on an airplane into this nonprofit. She converted words into action. Daphne used the resources life offered her to create the change that fate almost asked for.

After this meeting on the plane, Daphne and Angela spent a couple of hours on the phone, and then Daphne flew out to Los Angeles for another meeting about a year later. When Daphne was 22 she went to Kenya a second time and met David. While both her and David were interested in transforming poverty, they weren’t sure of how they would do it. A great step they took was listening to the people of the community to understand the problem from the people who know it best. Another essential part to changing the world comes from listening, as Daphne listened to Angela’s story about Kenya and to the people of the community to found Humans for Education.

Angela Austen was so proud to have helped bring Daphne and David together. This honor motivated her to become a donor for Humans for Education after it was formed, and keep it a part of her life. Her compassion for the people of Kenya, and the ability to open up and share her information managed to go a longer distance than she thought. Just knowing how those two acts of fate played an imperative role in developing this nonprofit “puts a smile on her face.” She is impressed with the innovation of the organization such as the small businesses. She also loves to see where the money is going and making this transformation to children.


You Can Change the World.

The world is ready for change and each of us can have a part to play in that. Angela played an indispensable role in the founding of this nonprofit, and it all began with her ability to recognize the devastating effect of poverty and the importance of seeking change. Angela’s story tells us that this nonprofit was meant to be and that the missing piece was completed when two people on a plane grabbed a simple opportunity of wanting a better future and made a connection.

We are all capable of making the change that the world is waiting to see. Imagine the possibilities that would come if we took a chance and opened ourselves up the way Angela and Daphne did on that plane ride. Imagine what would happen if we managed to take opportunities we normally wouldn’t for the sake of creating a better future. Imagine what would happen if we made the most of the smallest of opportunities out there to create change in any and every possible way.

In the end, it’s up to us to make the change the that we want to see in the world, because when you find something you’re truly passionate about, you’ll use all the opportunities life offers you to see it happen. Life is offering you endless amounts of opportunities and chances, no matter how big or small they may seem, the faith, determination, and hard work you put into it determines the output.

The world is waiting. Get out there and make a difference.

Roxy Dias