David's Story

This is David. Before he came to school he cared for other people’s cattle because his father was seventy years old and could not work. He yearned to go to school, but because they had no spending money there was no way to send him to school. 

One day, his friend came to him, while he was working. His friend was so excited to have just finished primary school. Listening to his friend, David was determined to make a difference for himself. 

The next morning David woke up early in the morning before work and ran all the way to Mpopongi Primary school, without telling his parents. At the school, he pleaded with the principal to allow him to stay and not tell his parents. Finally, the principal agreed and placed 13-year-old David into first grade.

He had much difficulty catching up with this classmates and was ridiculed for being so old in first grade, but this didn’t stop him he knew why he was there.

“Right now I am in 6th grade and am doing very well. I aspire to become a doctor and help others whose parents are poor and for those who languish in abject poverty so they may see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

David’s story has inspired us greatly and helped us to realize the solutions we wanted to provide to schools in developing countries. We decided to create self-sustainable programs that help generate income and lessen the financial burden for schools. This income is expected cover the necessities of running a school. Thus, also effectively lowering the cost of tuition for students in the outlying communities.