Changing The World With $2.00

How much do you spend on your morning coffee?

Maybe $2.00?  For a whole day of energy in one tiny cup, that’s a pretty good deal.

But what if we, here at Humans for Education, could tell you that there’s an even better way to spend $2.00?  And it’s not caffeinated, it’s not going to be gone in five minutes, and it doesn’t just affect you, but many more around the globe! 

For $2.00 / month, you can give a child the tools to receive an education.


By spending this small amount -

eight quarters laying underneath your couch, or the price of a pack of gum

- a student in Kenya will be given school supplies for an entire year.  This includes a school-year’s worth of pencils, pens, notebooks, hygiene products, and a lunchbox.  For just $2.00 per month, you’re sacrificing one cup of your daily coffee, but you’re forever changing the life of a child.

We realize that it doesn’t take a whole lot to make a big change. Simply giving up one small thing each month, will literally make a permanent difference in the lives of Kenyan kids.

For $5.00 / month, you could buy:

Fast food burgers, or twelve handwashing stations for a Kenyan school.

For $10.00 / month, you could buy:

Movie tickets, or twelve menstrual kits, which will last each student three years.

For $16.00 / month, you could buy:

A couple drinks on the weekend, or one cow, which will help financially support a school for its entire lifetime.

For $20.00 / month, you could buy:

One dinner out, or a student sponsorship, funding every aspect of their education for a whole year - including tuition, a uniform, shoes, socks, textbooks, and supplies.


For $60.00 / month, you could buy:

A nice bottle of wine, or a water filter, providing a school with clean water for sixty years.

When you give a monthly donation to Humans for Education, you might be sacrificing a few luxuries, but you’re giving kids in Kenya access to a fundamental human right that all people should be guaranteed - a quality education.

Click here to make a difference in the lives of children.


- Casey Adrian

and the Humans for Education Team

Daphne Pariser