Experience of a lifetime - wildlife safari in Africa

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Wildlife safari in Africa - an experience that will change your life

You have a friend who can't stop talking about their experience from a safari. Or you simply love looking at wildlife photos and imagining you are there. Either way, stop thinking about it and do it. It is worth it, trust me.

Right now, you are wondering why? Why deal with all the long flights? Why pay so much to sweat in 90F weather? Why go on a safari?

Those were the same questions I had before I booked my first safari adventure in Africa. I went for a safari in Kenya which proved to be a life-changing experience for me. It was worth every penny and every drop of sweat. It was a magical and educational journey that still ranks as one of my favorites.

I want to share my view of why you need to go on a safari.

1. Live in the moment

When you are in the wilderness, you become immersed in the here and now. There are no outside distractions. Nothing pulling you away from the simple joy of this moment. It might sound stretched but you will feel at peace with yourself and those around you. A calm that overwhelms all other feelings and relaxes your body and mind. Let everything else go and recharge your batteries for the stressful lifestyle waiting for you once you get back. I loved the serenity of it all. You wake up every morning looking at the beautiful sunrise with a clear mind looking forward to the day's activities. It is a beautiful feeling.

2. Nature

The region I was at is astonishing. You would expect sand and barren lands everywhere but nature here is full of life and activity. Savannas, riverbeds, and woodlands you travel through are something unforgettable. It feels like you are in a movie - you are traveling through bushes with not much to see when you come to a riverbed and a whole new world emerges. A world of wild beauty bustling with activity. That is true, raw nature. This whole African region is astonishing and we had the pleasure to see it after the rain season which made it even more so!

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3. The animals

WOW! No other word can describe this feeling. Everywhere you look there is something to see. Birds, zebras, wildebeests and the big 5 - rhinoceros, elephants, buffalos, lions, and leopards. Masai Mara is one of the best places in the world to actually encounter all 5 of them! Our guide got us as close as 15 feet away from a lioness carrying one of her cubs. Being so close to such a mighty animal reminds you how fragile we really are. One look from her and you wish you had more than 15ft between you.

We were lucky enough to encounter all the big 5 on our safari. They are all majestic creatures. Seeing them in such near proximity is truly exhilarating. You can smell them and see their muscles move under their skin. Some of them got so close we could almost pet them. During our drives we got to experience several interesting events - we saw leopards hunting, elephants playing with their babies and a pride of lions relaxing in the shadows. It makes for an unforgettable experience. Wildlife here is something you have too experience at least once in your life!

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4. Local culture

During my travels to Kenya I have been inspired by the Masai people who have lived all their lives alongside these magnificent animals. These Masai people have learned to use all of their resources around them and with an incredible sense of connectedness and ingenuity have made an incredibly harsh environment their home.

The Masai  tribes are not to be missed. They survive in such harsh conditions but always find time for each other. If I had to describe them in one word it would be - happy. Even though they have little, they share and help each other. Traditions are really important to them and you can immerse yourself in their dances and singing. It's incredible! Children are always curious to meet new people and will crowd around you. What is really eye-catching is their clothes. They wear colorful garments in sharp contrast with nature there. Ask them how it's made! 

5. Photographic opportunities

Remember how beautiful nature and animals are? You will want to keep snapping pictures all the time. It doesn't matter if you are interested in photography at all, these scenes take your breath away and you want to share them with your friends. Sunsets like you have never seen before, incredible animals and amazing landscapes are inviting you to take your camera out and commemorate the occasion.

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6. Humans for Education cause

If you go on a safari with us you will support an additional cause. Proceedings from our safari go towards building a school in Kenya. That will enable us to provide access to education to several hundred more children! Check out how we are contributing to improving education opportunities and standard of life for children in Sub Saharan Africa.

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7. You support conservationist efforts

By visiting game parks and wildlife reserves you will actually help them in their efforts to save and preserve endangered species there. Each safari includes a fee that is used to help protect these areas and provide necessary supplies and equipment to take care of the animals. Furthermore, if your accommodation is inside one of the parks, it is likely supporting a local community and its way of life.

8. Guides and rangers

Your itinerary was created with the help of locals to showcase their culture and traditions in the best way possible. Your guides will show you the best places to visit and will explain everything going on. Additionally, you don't have to worry about organizing anything - everything is already taken care of. Experienced rangers will also make game drives an unforgettable experience. They know where to find all the animals and will point them out to you. You would be surprised how hard it is to spot some of them!

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9. Meet new people

Safaris are an adventure and are best to do in good company. You will get to spend time with people from all around the world and share this experience with them. True friendships are forged in the wilderness. Besides that, you will have an opportunity to meet locals and their way of life. A lot of them know English and are more than glad to talk to you about anything.


10. Education

What better way to learn than real life experience? We strive to teach you all the relevant information on species we encounter - how they live, how they feed and if there are any conservation efforts for them. Furthermore, you also get an opportunity to learn about local culture and traditions and bring a piece of Africa with you wherever you go.

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