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 Happy Mother’s Day

Some of the strongest people on this planet


Strength. Endurance. Dedication.

Mothers constantly put forth their best foot to ensure that we can come into this world and live a good life. Mothers all over the world endure physical and emotional pain to ensure that their children are well-provided for.

Without being asked, mothers show an extreme amount of dedication. For this, we want to show how much they mean to us on their special day. Mothers inspire us to be who we want to be.

Watching the brilliance and passion of our mothers impassions us to be brave enough to follow our own dreams.

My mother instilled in my that women should be empowered, which has stuck with me throughout my entire life.

Happy Mother’s Day to some of the most incredible people on this planet.

-Daphne Pariser, CEO and Founder


 Give a gift your mother will never forget.

Moms save lives and empower children, get a gift that shows her exactly that.

This gift will go directly to giving children a sustainable education and sustainable healthcare in one of the most remote areas of Kenya.

We will send a special Mother’s Day Card sharing the information of this gift with her.