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How to Become an H4E School

Extremely dedicated to children - 50% + their own money (theirs plus village) to start the school themselves (other 50% — from gov’t)

Extreme need - deficite is large, can cover using cattle. No governmental support or outside donors or sponsorships (no income other than tuition) USE ICONS FOR THESE CSS Tabs HTML Dog Techniques article for more information.



Narok County, Maasai Mara


Mpopongi Primary School


Destiny Shaper Primary School


Glory Primary School


668 students now have access to…


Handwashing stations and soap


A sustainable source of income

Clean, filtered water and tank reserves for storage

Menstrual Pads that last for three years

Revenue Generating Programs

At two schools, we have successfully implemented our Revenue Generating Program. Within the next few years Destiny Shaper will increase their income to approximately $18,000/year. This means that at the peak of the program the school will be able to make approximately 3x more than before the program was implemented!

DSP Finances Peak of Program.jpg

WASH Program

Our handwashing and water filter data from Destiny Shaper Primary School shows that the 118 students are using the handwashing stations and water filter multiple times a day. The students are using the handwashing stations around 3-7 times per day and the water filters 2-6 times per day!

Handwashing data.png
WF data.png

Additionally, in September 2017 we taught our new Sexual Education and Health class to both Mpopongi and Destiny Shaper Primary School. The results show that the average score on all exams was a 78%. To ensure further training we will put together a booklet of the most frequently missed questions and FAQs.

Data from Sexual Health Class.png

Our programs are culturally sensitive and empower the local schools and students. Because of our model we have had a lot of interest in our programs. We now have a 2 year waitlist for schools. 


Female Menstrual Pads cost $10 and last 3 years


Handwashing stations cost $5


It costs $230 per year to send a child to school

That includes textbooks, school supplies, shoes, 2 uniforms, food, and tuition for the year


Buy a cow, $200, to help a school gain a sustainable source of income