We believe that every child has the right to a quality education

We create self-sustainable programs that support teachers and students and help lessen the financial burden of the schools.


To lessen the financial burden on schools, we build programs that generate annual income for schools. This allows schools to cover the necessary costs of running a school.

Infrastructural Development

It is important for students to have a safe school structure when learning.

Health and Sanitation

Many diseases are easily preventable and thus we are putting together a program to combat this issue

Teacher Support

We are dedicated to furthering teacher training and support and are currently working on a program for this.

With careful innovation and creative thinking it is possible to close the educational deficit in developing countries with cheap, simple, and self-sustainable practices.

-Daphne Pariser, President of Humans for Education

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Our Approach

Determine a partner school

By identifying the schools that are the most needy and committed to their children's education.

Research the project and need

Our highly educated staff decides on a self-sustainable project that will generate income for the school, while also assessing the other needs of the school.

Project completion and training

The completion of each project is overseen by our Humans for Education Country Managers. Our managers will also oversee the training of the community

School independance

The training of all school staff is complete and they become fully independent to handle the project without our Country Staff


month 0-3

Determine a partner school.

month 3-6

Research the project and the need.

month 6-9

Our Country Manager will make full reports on the implementation of the project with photos and videos.

month 9-12

Project completion and school staff training.

month 12-15

Our Country Manager collects data on the usage and ensures all staff are fully capable to handle the project independently.

month 15-24

Training of school staff should be complete and they should be fully handle the project without our Country Manager.

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