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Daphne Pariser gives a TED Talk about changing the world

Sometimes changing the world starts from taking opportunities. Sometimes changing the world may seem like an extremely complicated task, but comes down to a few simple things. Sometimes all you have to do is allow your passion to guide you to taking new chances and opportunities that you haven’t before. After all, if you’re willing to go a long distance to make the world a better place, opportunities will come.

Our mission

We're trying to better the world by providing self-sustainable education to children in developing countries.

our accomplishments

We were able to accomplish so much in 2017! Among the highlights include providing schools with sustainable income, WASH stations, and water tanks.

Thank you!

Your incredibly contributions and support this year have made it possible for us to serve hundreds of students and help two schools become financially independent.


Every child deserves the right to a quality education. Our scholarships ensure that each child receives just that, by helping the neediest children received an education.

Wash program

Learn how we're decreasing preventable diseases by 53% with simple, cheap, and efficient strategies.

New York Business Plan Conference

Watch President and Founder, Daphne Pariser, explain how Humans for Education works. This presentation won first place at the New York Business Competition and gained Humans for Education $10,000.

Revenue Generating Program

Our programs help schools become economically self-sufficient and focus on developing curriculum and life skills to improve people’s quality of life.